Innovative Solutions for Merchandising & Retail


IWD co-founder Gabriel Becker & Nicolas Martin

At the end of the last century, Nicolas and Gabriel decided to open up shop. Running a business and have fun doing it is what we wanted to do, said Gabriel.

My Grand Pappy manufactured hammers, recalled Nicolas. And Pappy told me his secret of doing business: I listened to my customers when they told me how to make a better hammer. But instead of hammers, Nicolas and Gabriel started what is now known today as IWD – the 21st century image company that develops revolutionary merchandising software and delivers incomparable services.

Applying Pappy’s old-fashioned business value to the 'new-fangled web culture' business concept, ’s Displayer is not only designed to solve each client's problems. Rather, it is constantly evolving in order to satisfy all of its clients' needs across the community. And that is good business for everybody.

is creative in its own domain – the design of its software. IWD works hard to simplify the Displayer's functionality, feel, look and ease of use – which in turn helps its clients to better communicate what they do, enjoy doing it and have more time to work hard on what's really important to them.

IWD helps their clients to make their visual merchandising communication as effective as possible - but they don’t tell them how to do their job. Or like Nicolas’ Pappy used to say, “I might make hammers - but I never tell them where to put the nail.” was indeed ahead of his time.

JanuaryJan. 2000 Gabriel and Nicolas met for the first time in a bar

Creation of IWD FebruaryFeb. 2000

Birth of the Displayer Plano (2D), online merchandising software. Shiseido was 's first client.

Here comes the 3D (Displayer Showcase). Baccarat was the first client.

2006 Displayer Plano & Displayer Showcase became a unique solution: the Displayer

IWD opened another office in New York City, IWD NY LLC 2008

2009 IWD Paris settled into its local office - an old coffee roasting place.

For the first time, developed a second solution - the Retail Network, point-of-sale management software.

to be continued...