It is the representation of your assortment strategy.

A model indicating the placement of products on shelves in order to maximize sales.

A computer-generated simulation of your store. You put on a headset it blocks your world view and substitutes a digital store as designed to fool your senses.

Delivering the ultimate customer experience bringing excellence to every touch point of the store.

Rendering is the last phase of a 2D or 3D scene production. It uses 3D realistic effects to make the most appealing result, like a photo.

The way in which you are implementing the HQ strategy on the field. Critical to ensuring good customer experience, it is very linked to retail excellence.

The way the products are merchandised to make it appealing and comprehensive for the customers to walk in and buy more.

A Mass Plan is a shelf space survey, used to analyse how shelving space is occupied by your brands and your competitors, in a designated point of sale.

This Document provides a step-by-step guide for markets to build and merchandise the stores.

The ultimate quest for brands and retailers today. The customer experience is the added value brought to clients when in store. Good client experience is the one that creates a positive memory.