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Create and Share 2D & 3D visual merchandising guidelines


Execute in-store merchandising easier


Analyze Store performance

3D merchandising guidelines
Retail frontline staff
3D merchandising guidelines

The merchandising platform that boostsproductivity no matter where you work from





Plan and create Planograms

Create visual merchandising guidelines online in 2D & 3D quickly and easily, save them to your brand book, and send them automatically throughout your distribution network.


Execute in-stores directives

Seamlessly collaborate between your head office and the field. Ensure stores appear and perform the way you intend them to.


Analyze store performance

Analyze integrated data to enhance retail operations, optimize store performances, and plan for your next merchandising cycle.

Visual merchandiser retail

Create, adapt & share planograms

I have the complete merchandise mix displayed on my computer screen. By visualizing all brand assets on IWD, I can easily see how new products will fit with the ones already in store.

With seamless drag and drop actions, I create layouts that best tell the brands’ story. Once the ideal in-store atmosphere is created, the guidelines are ready to be sent out and implemented by field teams.

Emily, Marketing & Merchandising manager

> Choreograph in-store experiences

Store manager retail

Plan and implement your store better

I have received precise guidelines (visuals, SKU numbers, product placements, etc.) and will set up the point-of-sale. Thanks to easily understandable guidelines, the Retail team saved a big amount of time and is now able to focus on their training. 

Associates will be more prepared than ever to answer customer questions, provide requested information, and sell more products.

Simon, Store manager

> Empower field teams

Area manager retail

Get a real time picture of your network

As part of the Sales team, I travel from store to store ensuring directives are well executed while chatting with HQ.

My team answers retail audit surveys that map out the entire store network. With that information, managers can visualize and measure the in-store merchandising strategy.

Cristóbal, Area Manager

> Generate actionable insights

Visual merchandiser & brand identity
Store manager retail
Area manager retail