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IWD has been assisting brands in building planograms and managing merchandising content for over a decade. Having worked side-by-side with our clients, we understand their needs and know the ins-and-outs of the industry. Below are the highlights of our expertise. Contact us to request for more information or work samples!

Integrating Merchandising Catalogs

Integrating Merchandising Catalogs

Need to build or update a digital collection of your product?
Let us handle the daunting tasks of measuring, photographing, image clipping, 3D modeling and importing to the Displayer’s Databases. Our dedicated team can help—from A to Z!

Organizing Merchandising Databases

Organizing Merchandising Databases

Want to archive out-of-date items or guidelines and update with the new ones? Save your precious time by asking us to assist you! We can archive, organize or re-categorize your merchandising content based on your brand’s needs.

  • Update your merchandising content (products, accessories, fixtures & guidelines)
  • Categorize contents to match with your team’s work flow
  • Export a complete back-up of your database
Creating Planograms (2D)

Creating Planograms (2D)

Tight on deadlines or your team is short-handed? We can help you create 2D guidelines either by starting from scratch or adapting from previous ones. Not only that, but you can comment, validate and export the work right from the Displayer!

Building Virtual Store Environments (3D)

Building Virtual Store Environments (3D)

Have a new design concept, market launch or store opening? Let us help you present your projects using virtual scenes. Show how your store planning, shop-in-shop layouts, free standing environments or window displays can look from your customer’s eyes.

Producing Animated Video

Producing Animated Video

Want to woo your audience? Enhance your presentation materials through a whole new level—whether it is for your internal teams, distribution network or your partners!
We can provide 3d animated store simulations

  • For sales purposes (i.e. a walk throughs, etc.)
  • For training purposes (i.e. seminars, workshops, etc.)

...and much more!

Producing Merchandising Book (Print & Digital)

Producing Merchandising Book (Print & Digital)

Need a fresh new look for your documents to present new merchandising directions? We can help coordinate, design a template and put together your brand’s global directions the way you want! Provide us with your merchandising guidelines, “dos & don’ts,” in-store standards and other materials needed to be published.


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A perfect merchandising software to exchange ideas with all partners and competitors.


The Displayer has allowed us to set up a decision-making platform where every actor of the company can retrieve, analyze, and act upon readily available market information. Our architects and designers work with it. Our retail buying and merchandising departments utilize the live sales data. The marketing department uses it to validate its strategies. The chain of information is clarified, and we don’t waste time. And what an easy online merchandising software to use!


The Displayer merchandising software is a modern, innovative and efficient way to bring consistency to any brand’s merchandising efforts. As a global brand, operating in 31 countries and in a multitude environment, we are able to easily bring consistency around the world. Now if the Displayer merchandising software could do the actual physical merchandising, then we really would be set! Kudos to the great team as well.


Displayer planogram software is incredibly user-friendly, and accurate for merchandising. Creating planograms has become a quick and easy task. The simplicity and efficiency of the Displayer, along with the proficiency of project managers, make it an absolute pleasure to work with .


Giving the best, producing high quality work, and always listening to client's needs–these are words to describe 's ways of working. The Displayer online merchandising software has become an essential tool, adapting to specific demands. Being able to share information in a reliable and trustworthy environment, is essential in an ever changing field.