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Highly effective merchandising software, quick and user friendly. IWD provides complete backup with solution to all our needs!!


’s online merchandising software is an extremely valuable tool, and user-friendly. The customizable functionalities are designed to suit any business needs, and make retail planning incredibly easy!


A real Partnership!


The Displayer merchandising software is a modern, innovative and efficient way to bring consistency to any brand’s merchandising efforts. As a global brand, operating in 31 countries and in a multitude environment, we are able to easily bring consistency around the world. Now if the Displayer merchandising software could do the actual physical merchandising, then we really would be set! Kudos to the great team as well.


Partnership with IWD provided Mondelez WTR with a powerful tool, Displayer, that efficiently allows to improve visibility of our brands in travel retail and ensures in-store execution excellence. This is key for confectionery category as better merchandising makes shopping easier and increases frequency of purchases eventually, as stated by Mondelez WTR category vision “Delighting Travelers”. Besides, implementation of Displayer was voted by the employees of Mondelez WTR the most relevant Customer Marketing initiative of the 1st half-year 2013


Thanks to ’s merchandising software, our brands can easily create planograms all over the world.


The Displayer: a great merchandising software with a great team. The must have in your merchandising tools!


Thanks to the Displayer merchandising software, I save an enormous amount of time when creating planograms. All our outlets have noticed the user-friendliness of this planogram software. It is easy to navigate on this simple, yet informative tool. The online platform permits me to share information with my colleagues who are far away.


Displayer save time, useful and an irreplacable merchandising software.


Giving the best, producing high quality work, and always listening to client's needs–these are words to describe 's ways of working. The Displayer online merchandising software has become an essential tool, adapting to specific demands. Being able to share information in a reliable and trustworthy environment, is essential in an ever changing field.


A perfect merchandising software to exchange ideas with all partners and competitors.

Gemey Maybelline

A clever merchandising software that is handy and user friendly, allowing you to generate realistic layouts, which are then easy to create and manipulate. You quickly become addicted!


’s Displayer has allowed me to be more time effective in my visual merchandising productivity. The results yield clearer communication globally for the brand. The project managers feel like an extension of my own brand team. I cannot compliment them enough!


Displayer planogram software is incredibly user-friendly, and accurate for merchandising. Creating planograms has become a quick and easy task. The simplicity and efficiency of the Displayer, along with the proficiency of project managers, make it an absolute pleasure to work with .


merchandising software is not only simple to use, but a huge time saver as well. What could take hours to create in other merchandising software, now take minutes and looks better! Between the amazing results and extreme professionalism of the IWD staff, the experience has been more than positive, and I would recommend this merchandising software over any other!


After a short time of getting used to it, I'm addicted. I can't do my job without the Displayer merchandising software.


The Displayer has allowed us to set up a decision-making platform where every actor of the company can retrieve, analyze, and act upon readily available market information. Our architects and designers work with it. Our retail buying and merchandising departments utilize the live sales data. The marketing department uses it to validate its strategies. The chain of information is clarified, and we don’t waste time. And what an easy online merchandising software to use!


Our retailers and partners are often impressed by the quality and accuracy of this merchandising software. It is a great tool, which enables the brand and our partners to grow professionally together. Thanks to the Displayer and its planogram feature, we were able to implement new changes, which greatly helped optimizing our sales performance.